Private Classes

This option is good for general speaking practice (using news articles from your city/country) or preparing for the TOEFL, a job interview, etc.

This option can also be used for reviewing, editing, and revising written communication like essays, research papers, etc.

FormatReal World Practice

The options are $35 (2 hours) and $65 (4 hours) in one month.

Students can take 30 minute classes, 1-3 times per week. All classes should be finished in a 4 week period.

Classes are conducted on Skype or by phone (see homepage for list of countries and landline/cell phone options).

After each class, students receive a report of errors and corrections, new words and expressions, pronunciation issues, etc.

After reading the report, students should practice writing about the same (or different) topic in the Forum. Feedback is sent by email.


I am very flexible and can meet your schedule, Monday-Friday, and sometimes on weekends.

Cancellation policy: If you don't cancel the class with 24 hours notice, then the class is lost.

Please send me your questions at info (at)

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