Homestay in the USA

Many students have asked me….

"What’s the best way to become fluent in English?”

Of course, the answer depends on the student, his/her motivation, and the environment, etc. In my 16 years of experience, practice is the most important factor to feel comfortable and confident when using English. The fastest way to fluency is doing a homestay with a family in a native-speaking country.

***How about a homestay with me in Kansas!!***

"Where do you live?”

Pittsburg, Kansas is in the corner of southeast Kansas, not far from many popular tourist destinations in Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma (see below). Founded in 1876, it is a classic, American, small town (20,000 citizens) with many churches, a very low crime rate, and an historic downtown. Pittsburg State University (7,000 students) offers many educational, cultural, and sporting events through the year.

In addition to a lively and safe town, the people in the Midwest have very clear speech and "zero (neutral) accent”. (My students always tell me this!) For all these reasons, Pittsburg is an ideal location for an intensive and fun immersion program.

"How will I learn?”

Your immersion program will include practice with all 4 skills, but our focus will be on listening and speaking - with a wide range of native speakers and a variety of real situations.

Your formal study program will consist of various elements including...

1.    15 hours of formal class time (3 hours per day, Monday-Friday).

2.       Several classes per day, 45-60 minutes each time.

3.       Materials will include textbooks, audio/video recordings, movies, and language learning software.

4.       Yes, you will have homework - including local field trips by yourself to practice with locals!

The informal practice and learning will include ...

1.    Daily opportunities for informal practice with me and my two sons during meals, evenings, weekends, etc.

2.       Daily visits to local attractions (such as shops, meetings, community events, etc.) to make conversation with the local citizens (see below).

3.       Weekend trips to regional destinations to learn more about American history, culture, and people ... as well as the beautiful countryside (see below).

4.       Of course, you will have plenty of time for self-study and homework in a quiet environment.

"Where will I live?”

You will with me in a single-family (private) house in a quiet neighborhood with many lovely trees. You will have a private bedroom with a desk and high speed internet. Naturally, your homestay includes all meals with us, but there is a fully-equipped kitchen if you want to cook.

Just outside your front door is Lincoln Park, a huge city park with a small creek, playgrounds, baseball fields, tennis courts (with lights), golf course, and the public swimming pool (summer only).

A 3-minute walk brings you to the YMCA, which has an excellent fitness center, indoor pool, sauna, and basketball/racquetball courts. A great place to meet people and practice speaking!

A 10-minute walk brings you downtown where you can find a variety of shops, restaurants, and bars. There are many interesting buildings from the 19th century including the public library.

If you have an international driver's license, you can also use my car to make short trips to explore the local countryside!

"What about activities and entertainment?”

Naturally, we will be busy with formal classes as well as your self-study for most of the day. However, there are a variety of places to practice listening/speaking with the locals in your free time Monday-Friday.

During the weekdays, here's a short list of events to visit...

1.    Crawford County Historical Museum – for assignments on local history,

2.       Community Events - public library, farmer's market, civic groups, etc.

3.       Pittsburg State University - lectures, sports, and educational events,

4.       Memorial Auditorium - concerts, theater, PSU Symphony and Orchestra, etc.

On the weekends, let's "hit the road” and have fun exploring America. Kansas City, Wichita, and Branson are only 2 hours from Pittsburg. Here is a short list of some attractions nearby Pittsburg....

1.       Route 66 - let's take a ride on some original sections of this classic roadway near Joplin!

2.       Lake Stockton/Grand Lake - let's go fishing/tubing/skiing!

3.       Branson, Missouri - let's go shopping and attend a concert or Broadway show!

4.       The Ozarks - let's go camping/hiking in the mountains/rafting on rivers in the beautiful nature of the Ozarks!

5.       Amusement Parks - let's ride the rollercoaster at Worlds of Fun or Silver Dollar City!

6.       Professional Sports - let's catch a game of the Kansas City Royals (baseball), Kansas City Chiefs (football), or the Oklahoma Thunder (basketball) .

7.       Casinos - there are several nearby locations to try your luck!

8.       Rocky Mountains?? - if you come at the right time of year, you are welcome to join us on our annual camping trip to the beautiful Rocky Mountains in New Mexico and Colorado!

As you can see, this homestay is a mix of fun and learning. The objective is to combine both formal learning and informal practice in a variety of contexts. When you're finished, you will be ready for any situation.

"How much does this program cost?”

The total price …… 1 month is USD $2,500.

2 months is USD $4,500.

3 months is USD $6,000.

**These prices include accommodation, all meals, and local trips!!

***A discount of 10% for 2 students who travel together!!

I believe this price is about 25-40% less than the other programs. Plus, you'll be staying with a professional teacher with master's degree and 16 years of experience.

When I drop you off at the airport at the end of your homestay, you will feel completely confident about your English skills and performance!!!

"Do I need a special visa for this homestay?”

Students can visit the USA and take short recreational (not for university credits) courses on a B-2 Tourist visa. Tourists from the following countries can stay for 90 days in the USA without a visa.



New Zealand









San Marino




Czech Republic








South Korea











the Netherlands


To learn more about B-2 Tourist visas, visit the link below.

"Great! But I would like to ask you some questions...”

1.    Please send an email to and tell me when you would like to visit, and I will send you a detailed proposal with study schedule, weekend activity plan, and total cost.

2.       If you are happy with my proposal, we can meet on Skype to evaluate your English, your objectives, and finalize your individual itinerary.

3.       To make your reservation, you must send a non-refundable deposit of 5% of the total price. The method of transfer is negotiable.

4.       FOR MORE INFORMATION: / chat2learn (SKYPE)

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