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Your personal tutor for English conversation and writing classes - online and by phone

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Since 2003, Online English Teacher has offered low-cost, practical, and fun English courses to improve conversation/writing skills

Hi, my name is Tim. I'm an online English teacher (master's dHiegree and 15+ years experience at universities in the USA and abroad) who believes the key to fluency is frequent and interesting practice with a focus on error analysis. We will discuss a variety of topics (news from your city/country) to push you out of the "comfort zone" to produce more specific and complex messages.

After each phone/online conversation class, I send a report with errors/corrections, new expressions, pronunciation issues, etc. Writing assignments are also included to practice more complicated vocabulary and sentence structures.

Click on the online/phone courses below to find a convenient and affordable option toimprove your conversational fluency, sharpen your writing skills or prepare foraninterview, presentation or TOEFL/IELTS exam.

Click "Meet Your Teacher" (log-in as a guest) below to learn more about my approach to online language training and see example feedback from classes and writing assignments.

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My Students Say...

"I'm glad to tell you I finally passed my exam. Thank you again for your valuable help. You can be sure I will contact you again if I want to improve my English." - Rafael, Teacher from Ibiza
"Thanks for new vocabulary, expressions and corrections - it gets more and more advanced and sophisticated - I am happy about that!" - Aliya, PR Expert from Kazakhstan
"Thanks for your corrections, very helpful." - Iosu, UN Project Manager from Spain
"It's really helping me the way you correct my mistakes." - Jamal, IT professional from Pakistan

"You've been a very good teacher and I really enjoy our classes." - Luciana, Web Designer from Brazil

"You can't imagine how helpful have been these three classes." - Luis, Seismic Engineer from Mexico

"I like this way to study English and your correction on my
oral English (in the class and the report) is real useful for me." - Ann, Purchasing/Logistics from China

"Thanks for the comments. This is exactly what I am looking for and this exercise is going to help me correct my mistakes." - Madhu, Computer Programmer from India

"I'm very happy about this way of studying. It was exactly what I was looking for. Another thing that I was very happy about was your honesty." - Ana, Anthropologist from Brazil

"Your corrections exactly corrected the meaning that I wanted to express. Thanks." - Chen, Hospital Administrator from Hong Kong

"I'm happy with your report. Very good!" - Luiz, IT professional from Brazil